The Hackney Cypriot Association is committed to supporting our community through these challenging times. We understand how scary and uncertain the situation feels, and we are available to support you with any concerns about staying safe. 

With the help of Hackney Giving and the City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group, we will be sharing key information and the latest government guidance through our website, social media and printed materials throughout our Borough.

Need help or advice?

Our services are still available during lockdown. We are providing these over the phone, as it is important that our users and staff are not at risk. 

Our dedicated Coronavirus support lines are available for questions on staying safe, accessing support services, what to do if you think you have the virus and how to support your mental health and those around you. We will get back to you with advice

  • Turkish 07888 542 631 
  • Greek 07888 582 495

Please stay indoors and stay safe

Here’s some advice for staying safe:

  • Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser.
  • Wipe down your shopping with sanitising sprays to avoid bringing the virus home from the supermarket. 
  • Make sure your mask is fitted well and covers your nose. If your nose is not covered, or if there are gaps above your cheeks, you risk being infected or infecting others. If your mask leaves gaps, you can use medical tape to stick it to your face, or wear another mask on top.
  • DO NOT REUSE plastic masks. 
  • Wash cloth masks well with soap after every use.

Ongoing updates

Please find our Facebook page if you use social media, as key information will also be available there. 

If we have given you printed materials with government advice, please read them, and share the advice with your friends and family

We will also be updating our website as the situation unfolds.