A community organisation supporting the Cypriot residents of Hackney, based in the heart of London’s East End.

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Long Covid Awareness and Guidance

There are other ways an infection with Covid-19 may be affecting you, or someone you know.

What is Long COVID? 

“It is estimated that one in 10 people have ongoing symptoms from the time they initially become unwell with the virus, for 12 weeks or longer. Long COVID is diagnosed when these lasting symptoms cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis. Symptoms can vary a lot, fluctuate over time and may have an impact on your ability to do your day-to-day activities. Being diagnosed with Long COVID does not seem to be linked to how ill you were when you first got the virus. As this is a new condition, lots of research is being done to better understand what causes it and how to help people living with it.”

Common symptoms include:

• extreme tiredness • depression and anxiety • breathlessness • fast heart beat • widespread pain • chest pain or tightness • changes in taste and smell • changes in sleep/difficulty sleeping • pins and needles • difficulty concentrating and memory (“brain fog”)

At Hackney Cypriot Association we are running a project with CoRe, Hackney Giving, and NHS Homerton Healthcare to help identify possible instances of Long Covid in our community and advise people on the next steps they can take to get better.

Get in touch with us and book a 1-1 appointment if you are concerned about Long Covid and would like to chat.

HCA is looking for two Welfare Officers

Thanks to National Lottery Community funding, we have two exciting opportunities to work with the Cypriot community, improving mental and physical health in and around Hackney.

Welfare Officer – Greek Speaking 15 hours / week £28,700 (pro rata) per annum

Welfare Officer – Turkish Speaking 15 hours / week £28,700 (pro rata) per annum

Application deadline: 4th June 2023

Interviews: w/c 12th June 2023 in person or online

Job Descriptions and Application Process

Welfare Officer – Greek Speaking

Welfare Officer – Turkish Speaking

Exhibition: IN-BETWEEN Lines and Words on the Wall

14th December 2019 – 24th February 2020
Monday- Friday 
10am – 4pm

Recounting the layers of our lives, from one home to another, memories shape us and new land offers new dreams…

In collaboration with Cypriot artist Sümer Erek, the Hackney Cypriot Association invites you to step into the stories of our regulars, their coffee moments, warm embraces and passionate debates, embedded in the walls. This project tells the tales of home here and home there, Cyprus, reflecting the ongoing transitions of life and community, how we adapt and become part of the space where we are…

Sümer’s transnational contemporary art installations stem from participatory elements of the experience of migration and trauma, interlacing personal and local histories into social and universal narratives. These experiences force the participants and the artist to confront memories that exist in an inactive state alchemizing dynamic emotions and experiences in the acts of listening, documenting and display.


Thanks to Vivi Stamatatos for taking excellent pictures of the opening night.

The opening night had a great turn out from our regulars as well as people beyond the Cypriot community. Those themes are themes that many individuals and communities connect with nowadays.

Esra Plumer Bardak

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