A community organisation supporting the Cypriot residents of Hackney, based in the heart of London’s East End.

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HCA is looking for two Welfare Officers

Thanks to National Lottery Community funding, we have two exciting opportunities to work with the Cypriot community, improving mental and physical health in and around Hackney.

Welfare Officer – Greek Speaking 15 hours / week £28,700 (pro rata) per annum

Welfare Officer – Turkish Speaking 15 hours / week £28,700 (pro rata) per annum

Application deadline: 4th June 2023

Interviews: w/c 12th June 2023 in person or online

Job Descriptions and Application Process

Welfare Officer – Greek Speaking

Welfare Officer – Turkish Speaking

Covid Support

The Hackney Cypriot Association is committed to supporting our community through these challenging times. We understand how scary and uncertain the situation feels, and we are available to support you with any concerns about staying safe. 

With the help of Hackney Giving and the City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group, we will be sharing key information and the latest government guidance through our website, social media and printed materials throughout our Borough.

Need help or advice?

Our services are still available during lockdown. We are providing these over the phone, as it is important that our users and staff are not at risk. 

Our dedicated Coronavirus support lines are available for questions on staying safe, accessing support services, what to do if you think you have the virus and how to support your mental health and those around you. We will get back to you with advice

  • Turkish 07888 542 631 
  • Greek 07888 582 495

Please stay indoors and stay safe

Here’s some advice for staying safe:

  • Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser.
  • Wipe down your shopping with sanitising sprays to avoid bringing the virus home from the supermarket. 
  • Make sure your mask is fitted well and covers your nose. If your nose is not covered, or if there are gaps above your cheeks, you risk being infected or infecting others. If your mask leaves gaps, you can use medical tape to stick it to your face, or wear another mask on top.
  • DO NOT REUSE plastic masks. 
  • Wash cloth masks well with soap after every use.

Ongoing updates

Please find our Facebook page if you use social media, as key information will also be available there. 

If we have given you printed materials with government advice, please read them, and share the advice with your friends and family

We will also be updating our website as the situation unfolds.

Exhibition: IN-BETWEEN Lines and Words on the Wall

14th December 2019 – 24th February 2020
Monday- Friday 
10am – 4pm

Recounting the layers of our lives, from one home to another, memories shape us and new land offers new dreams…

In collaboration with Cypriot artist Sümer Erek, the Hackney Cypriot Association invites you to step into the stories of our regulars, their coffee moments, warm embraces and passionate debates, embedded in the walls. This project tells the tales of home here and home there, Cyprus, reflecting the ongoing transitions of life and community, how we adapt and become part of the space where we are…

Sümer’s transnational contemporary art installations stem from participatory elements of the experience of migration and trauma, interlacing personal and local histories into social and universal narratives. These experiences force the participants and the artist to confront memories that exist in an inactive state alchemizing dynamic emotions and experiences in the acts of listening, documenting and display.


Thanks to Vivi Stamatatos for taking excellent pictures of the opening night.

The opening night had a great turn out from our regulars as well as people beyond the Cypriot community. Those themes are themes that many individuals and communities connect with nowadays.

Esra Plumer Bardak

Mini Living Walls Project

In collaboration with the Geffrye Museum of the Home
June – December 2019

Over several months, we have been working in partnership with the Geffrye Museum of the Home to bring our members back to the island of Cyprus through plants and stories. 

This empowering project for older Greek and Turkish Cypriots included lots of hands-on gardening and planting. Members made and planted their very own beautiful pots of plants. These activities enabled them to share their memories, feelings and stories about their home and the nature in Cyprus. 

The project culminated in the planting of our very own living wall which is now displayed in the window of our centre. One of our regulars said the wooden structure holding the plants looks like a travelling boat.


You can find more information about our collaboration with the Museum of the Home on their website.

Feel Good Festival

A group of us went to the Feel Good Festival at the Geffrye Museum. This summer festival is focused on wellbeing and feeling good. The event celebrates Turkish, Cypriot and Vietnamese culture, working in partnership with the local community.

We were spoiled for choice with activities. They ranged from group exercise classes to crafts including Turkish marbling. Some people got involved with gardening, while others got competitive playing outdoor games. For those who wanted to relax there were even restorative foot massages.

The highlight of the day for many was the delicious foods which had been bought by members of the Turkish, Cypriot and Vietnamese organisations. 

The weather was glorious and many people took advantage of the deckchairs in the sun. 


Thanks to the Geffrye Museum of the Home for hosting. The event was organised in partnership with Centre 151, Derman, Hackney Cypriot Association and Islington & Shoreditch and Lien Viet Housing Associations.

Exercise Session

As we get older it’s important we keep moving and continue to work on our strength. We organised an exercise class to help our members gain confidence in movement. These are well needed moments of gentle movements and interaction. 

Mobility, balance and coordination enable our elderly members to stay independent. We could all do with a bit more self care and stretching to keep our bodies and minds in shape. 


If anybody has skills to share with older people please get in touch. We are reaching out to anyone that could come regularly to the centre to support our older people with movement and strength!

Knitting Workshop

This week we had our first ever knitting session at the Hackney Cypriot Association. While the men played backgammon, the women came together to knit. 

This creative activity is a great way to exercise hands which suffer from arthritis and is good for stress. Alongside the knitting there was plenty of social chatter!

Greek Language Classes

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to take your Greek to the next level! Whether you can’t tell an omicron from an omega, or you’re a real natural when it comes to chit chatting with the locals on your favourite Greek Island, this September join one of the Greek language classes at the Hackney Cypriot Association. These one-hour classes will sharpen your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Pick one of the four levels available and enjoy learning the language in exciting classes with plenty of fun.

Leading the sessions is Athens-born Sophia Fileri, an experienced teacher, writer, editor and translator. 

Levels (CEFR): A1, A2, B1 and B2-C2

Where: Hackey Cypriot Association, 5 Balls Pond Road, London, N1 4AX

When: Every Sunday starting on 17th September.

A1: 11.15-12.15
A2: 12.30-13.30
B1: 13.45-14.45
B2: 15.00-16.00

Cost: £40 for four consecutive sessions. Drop ins welcome at £12.50 per session.

Sign up: It’s easy to sign up, just head to The Greek Culture & Language Group website!

Shoebox Appeal

As Christmas was approaching we decided we wanted to do something a little extra to help the children in the refugee camps around Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. We wanted to send shoeboxes to as many children as possible, each one containing some essentials and a gift. There are estimated 27,000 children in the camps we work with through our volunteer Maria. 

We sent 267 shoe boxes to Thessaloniki! We were touched by everyone’s generosity. Boxes were packed with such thought and care, with colourful wrappings, and many with personal messages of good wishes. Each box contained a toy, arts & craft materials, toiletry items, sweets and warm clothes. 

Due to customs, all boxes had to be inspected before being sent. We labelled them all according to age-group and, where appropriate, boy or girl, and sent them via the Cypriot freight company Mondial, who have been incredible in assisting us.

“Through our volunteers, who are very well placed to distribute. All shoe boxes were greatly received by the children”

Hettie Colquehoun


A huge thanks to the children and parents of Springfield School, Clapton Girls School and Holmleigh School who sourced and packed most of the shoe boxes.

More thanks to Freya, Susan and Clare at New Unity Church, and Billo and Casino, in Dalston, who supplied us with empty shoe boxes.

Thanks to the stallholder in Ridley Road who, unsolicited, donated a sackful of warm hats.

Thanks to Mondial, who helped us ship the shoeboxes to Greece.

Songs for Refugees Update

Thank you to all that came to our Songs for Refugees event and to all that support us in raising funds for the refugees in Thessaloniki, Greece. We raised over £1,200 on the night!

These funds have been spent on many items including baby foods, nappies and milk powder. These supplies will also be accompanied by a large amount of winter clothing for men, women, babies and children which has been kindly donated by people and groups from Hackney.

The donations and supplies will be leaving London at the beginning of the week and should be with them by the weekend.


The conflict is not over and our work to support them will continue. To donate please visit our charity giving page. 

Thanks for your continued support.

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