“Idomeni is over. But nothing is over for the refugees” David Lohmueller

When European borders began to close at the end of 2015, Idomeni in Greece, became the largest makeshift refugee camp in Europe. 8,500 refugees, mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, spent the winter there in extreme conditions.

Thanks to the generosity of the residents of Hackney, the Hackney Cypriot Association were able to support refugees at the Idomeni camp all through last winter by sending warm clothing and other items.

In May, the camp was disbanded by the authorities and occupants were relocated to specified sites around Thessaloniki, many in tents set up inside disused warehouses.

There are an estimated 57,000 refugees and migrants stranded in Greece, hoping to be settled in other countries, nearly half of these are children. 

Volunteers at the camps tell us that most will spend another winter in Greece. 

Our help is once again requested at one ‘hotspot’ near Thessaloniki before the winter weather bites. With temperatures in Greece reaching possibly between -1°C to 4°C.

We are therefore asking for your help and support once more. From September onwards, we will be collecting, sorting and dispatching:

Clothes for Men, Women,  Children and Babies
Hats, Scarfs and Gloves for all
Shoes for all
Bed linen and Blankets

Thank you for your time and help, Hackney Cypriot Association