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Hackney History Festival

Join us on May 9th at 6pm!

We are delighted to be taking part in the Hackney History Festival which is a three-day event celebrating the cultural wealth of our borough! The festival will take place from May 10th to May 12th at Hackney Archives, Museum of the Home, and Sutton House.

Hackney Cypriot Association will be hosting a satellite event on the 9th of May where our staff and members will share memories and showcase the history of the organisation’s work, from its foundation at the Family Centre in Rectory Road in 1976, and then from our much-loved home at No. 5 Balls Pond Road since 1982.

Light refreshments will be provided. 
All welcome!

Where: Hackney Cypriot Association, 5 Balls Pond Road
When: 9th May, 6pm-8pm

Mini Living Walls Project

In collaboration with the Geffrye Museum of the Home
June – December 2019

Over several months, we have been working in partnership with the Geffrye Museum of the Home to bring our members back to the island of Cyprus through plants and stories. 

This empowering project for older Greek and Turkish Cypriots included lots of hands-on gardening and planting. Members made and planted their very own beautiful pots of plants. These activities enabled them to share their memories, feelings and stories about their home and the nature in Cyprus. 

The project culminated in the planting of our very own living wall which is now displayed in the window of our centre. One of our regulars said the wooden structure holding the plants looks like a travelling boat.


You can find more information about our collaboration with the Museum of the Home on their website.

Exercise Session

As we get older it’s important we keep moving and continue to work on our strength. We organised an exercise class to help our members gain confidence in movement. These are well needed moments of gentle movements and interaction. 

Mobility, balance and coordination enable our elderly members to stay independent. We could all do with a bit more self care and stretching to keep our bodies and minds in shape. 


If anybody has skills to share with older people please get in touch. We are reaching out to anyone that could come regularly to the centre to support our older people with movement and strength!

Knitting Workshop

This week we had our first ever knitting session at the Hackney Cypriot Association. While the men played backgammon, the women came together to knit. 

This creative activity is a great way to exercise hands which suffer from arthritis and is good for stress. Alongside the knitting there was plenty of social chatter!

Greek Language Classes

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to take your Greek to the next level! Whether you can’t tell an omicron from an omega, or you’re a real natural when it comes to chit chatting with the locals on your favourite Greek Island, this September join one of the Greek language classes at the Hackney Cypriot Association. These one-hour classes will sharpen your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Pick one of the four levels available and enjoy learning the language in exciting classes with plenty of fun.

Leading the sessions is Athens-born Sophia Fileri, an experienced teacher, writer, editor and translator. 

Levels (CEFR): A1, A2, B1 and B2-C2

Where: Hackey Cypriot Association, 5 Balls Pond Road, London, N1 4AX

When: Every Sunday starting on 17th September.

A1: 11.15-12.15
A2: 12.30-13.30
B1: 13.45-14.45
B2: 15.00-16.00

Cost: £40 for four consecutive sessions. Drop ins welcome at £12.50 per session.

Sign up: It’s easy to sign up, just head to The Greek Culture & Language Group website!

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